Jason Friedman disambiguation page

When I was growing up in Melbourne, Australia, I figured that I was probably the only Jason Friedman in the world. When the internet became popular, I realised that I was very wrong. Wow, there are a lot of Jason Friedmans. I was not quick enough to get jasonfriedman.com, so instead I registed jasonfriedmans.com (as in the plural) to acts a "Jason Friedman disambiguation page" (inspired late one night by the Wikipedia disambiguation pages.
I have collected some very basic information from the first few pages on google search. If you are a Jason Friedman and are not listed, please email me your details (see the columns in the table), likewise if you would like to be removed. I have also answered some questions and answers about this site.

Created by the Jason Friedman currently living in Rehovot, Israel. Database produced using Zoho creator. Last update 27/09/2020.