Jason Friedman disambiguation page

When I was growing up in Melbourne, Australia, I figured that I was probably the only Jason Friedman in the world. When the internet became popular, I realised that I was very wrong. Wow, there are a lot of Jason Friedmans. I was not quick enough to get jasonfriedman.com, so instead I registed jasonfriedmans.com (as in the plural) to acts a "Jason Friedman disambiguation page" (inspired late one night by the Wikipedia disambiguation pages.
I have collected some very basic information from the first few pages on google search. If you are a Jason Friedman and are not listed, please email me your details (see the columns in the table), likewise if you would like to be removed. I have also answered some questions and answers about this site.

Created by the Jason Friedman currently living in Sydney, Australia (but also is fond of Melbourne and Israel). Database produced using Zoho creator. Last update 22/09/2010.